Scrapyard Cheshire

Your No 1 choice for car breakers Cheshire

At Jacksons Car Breakers and Spare Parts we offer free quotes for your car no matter the condition. No matter the model, make age we’ll give you a quote.  At Jacksons Car Breakers and Spare Parts we are registered dismantlers of “write-off” vehicles for insurance and hold storage for cars that were damaged in an accident.
To receive a no hassle quote it’s simple. Just go to our ‘Scrap my Car’ page enter your details and we’ll send you are best price for your car.

Looking for a scrapyard in Cheshire

If you are looking to scrap your car, you can drop it at one of our sites or arrange a pick up. We operate throughout North Wales from Flintshire to Wrexham and Deeside as well as Cheshire, Chester, Queensferry, Machester, Liverpool and Wirral. We’ll check your registration, assess its value and give you our best price. It’s that simple!

Why buy spare car parts from Jacksons?

In the last decade UK has seen a significant growth in the industry for second hand parts and people throughout the UK are realising that there is greater value in keeping their old cars and fixing them with spare parts, then throwing their money at expensive repairs or purchasing newer models. Here at Jacksons Car Breakers and Spare Parts You’ll find hidden gems of spare parts in our scrapyards that would otherwise be hard to come by or incredibly expensive. To find out more go to our website or contact us today.